October has arrived. That is, now is the time to start enlivening the house with unique Halloween-themed decorations. You can choose to just join the euphoria, or intend to hold a Halloween party at home. Creating spooky and creative nuances is an important key to the excitement of this annual event.

1. Decorate a Home with Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkin lanterns or in Halloween terms known as Jack-o-lanterns are the most identical displays of this annual party. If you don’t find real pumpkins to carve, you can choose plastic pumpkin toys that are easy to find on the market. Place it in various angles, starting from the front door of the house to your living room area.

2. Decorate a house with a skull

Besides using pumpkin carving, you can also choose other horror symbols. One of them is a skull. Although it looks scary, this decoration does not necessarily make you lose the opportunity to create an elegant impression in the house. Choose skulls with different materials such as gold, silver, or black material. This option, in addition to increasing the aesthetic value of the house, also still radiates the spooky charm of Halloween.

3. Decorate a House with Candles

Lighting is also an important key to bring out the spooky feel of Halloween. You can use uniquely shaped candles plus spooky concepts. You can add bat accents to the candle decorations. A touch of black with pieces of paper shaped like a bat you can make yourself with cheap capital.

4. Dining Tables Arranged with Dark Shades

Dinner is a part that should not be missed at a Halloween party. In addition to preparing menus with spooky themes, the party will be more exciting with the arrangement of a dark nuanced dining table. Use a black and white theme, from the table mat to the dining utensils. Plus black spider decorations will make the Halloween party at your home more lively.

5. Decorate using crows as symbols

The black crow is a mysterious symbol. In fact, in ancient times it was considered as an animal capable of attracting mystical and magical power. Today, crows still remain animals that give a dark impression or are often associated with witches. Using crow symbols for decoration can evoke a more tangible Halloween feel.

6. Decorate Halloween with DIY Paper Clips

There are various inexpensive ways to create the best Halloween feel in your home. Including by utilizing your creativity. Create paper cut into various Halloween symbols. Then hang it in various corners and hallways of the house. You have created your own creepy atmosphere. As in this one dining room.

Can’t wait to try some Halloween decorating ideas for this year’s celebration? Get ready to be creative in welcoming your special guests at the Halloween party!

Unique and Cool Home Decoration Ideas for Welcoming Halloween