types of flooring

Hardwood and Bamboo

We have always had astro turf (currently in inexperienced, beforehand in blue) but now pigeons appear to be flocking out on our deck and making a horrible mess. It might be that they are drawn to the one delicate green area exterior in an otherwise concrete constructing. Our lanai will get really hot with a lot of exposure to sun and water. What are my choices in outside flooring without utilizing concrete. Something that I can put directly on the grass to extend the patio(Concrete).

B. Flooring Considerations

Even though it’s well-liked and straightforward to install, vinyl is probably the worst flooring selection when it comes to well being, sustainability and manufacturing. It is a non-renewable material produced from petroleum-based mostly chemicals. Vinyl is produced from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, plastic, which produces toxic chemical substances throughout manufacturing like dioxin, a carcinogen and reproductive toxicant. Bamboo is … Read More