When you’re ready to invest in a new bathroom or kitchen countertops, one of the most important decisions is what type of material to use. Granite and quartz are popular options for homeowners, but which has the better return on investment?

Granite has a great reputation for adding value to homes. But is quartz a safer choice?


Quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA offer more design flexibility than natural stone slabs. They typically feature a sleek presentation and can be produced with different pigment combinations for more style options. 

Another benefit of quartz is its durability. This material resists chipping and cracking and is heat- and scratch-resistant. That makes it an excellent choice for families. Dropping heavy objects on a quartz countertop won’t leave a mark, and it can take abuse from enthusiastic cooks.

Its nonporous surface also resists stains, making it easier to keep clean than granite or other natural Read More