Modern minimalist home design is a trend among millennials who want to have a home that looks stylish and comfortable. Minimalist home can provide a foothold to start a minimalist life.

A few years was welcomed, this minimalist life movement helped people to get more of their belongings. Marie Kondo with the KonMari method is popular as a new lifestyle.

How to use a modern minimalist home?

If you are one of those who dream of having a minimalist home, in this article you will find tips on having a modern home design.

Both using interior design services and talking with consultants, you can practice this design directly and convey it to the contractor.

Make a mature plan

The first step that you must make for minimalist home planning for you who want. Determine the commitment from the start for the modern minimalist home design that you want.

This plan includes the time, effort and cost needed to realize this modern minimalist home design. Plan well and carefully, and the details of the construction of the house so you are ready to execute it.

 Determine the concept of a minimalist house that fits

You can go to a residential complex that looks minimalist. When married and have children, you can choose a minimalist home with a second-level concept.

Meanwhile, if you are single, you can choose a house with a wooden house concept or a more contemporary one.

Arrange minimalist house plans and measure accurately

You can ask the consultant for help to prepare a house plan as well as calculate the cost. An accurate plan that suits your needs can make you more comfortable determining which costs will need to be cut in the execution later.

Accurately and accurately measure the number of materials so that construction costs can be calculated appropriately.

Adjust financial conditions to your count

The funds needed to build a house will depend on your plans and execution.

Check the savings that you prepared and adjust the modern minimalist home design that you have made with your financial capabilities. Do not let the construction of the house stagnate in the middle of the road because you do not count with certainty.

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Choose affordable materials, but still of good quality

Adjust the budget you need for a modern minimalist home design if you need a budget that you prepare just barely. Do a price survey first. Find quality building materials at affordable prices through doing.

And remember, the foundation of the house is one of the most important support for your home. Make sure the foundation of the house is sturdy and can last for the long term. Therefore, you must choose the best building materials to get your modern home.

Appoint professional architect services

Home development runs smoothly and according to plan if you can find a professional.

Of course, there are several tariffs for this professional service. A variety of home construction services are provided by several teams, including Team Studio, Gajah Bumi Construction, Evonil Architecture, to Persada Springs.

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It’s time to execute your modern minimalist home design

After building a solid and durable home foundation, another important part of a minimalist home is the room divider.

Bulkhead the house

Minimalist homes usually do not need a lot of room dividers. So that your house still looks elegant, set you to choose the bulkhead of your house with the right.


Also, if you choose a house with two floors, you need to choose the right and sturdy stairs. There are several materials in this edition, ceramics, wood, and others to choose from.


Color choices depend on neutral or pastel colors. So, your compilation determines the colors of the house, matching the combination precisely and by the overall concept of your home.


The terrace is part of the house that will give an impression to visitors to your house. Therefore, you must pay special attention to this area. Combine the right material and design to make the patio area of   your house attractive and beautiful.

Garden area

A beautiful and attractive minimalist home garden area is one that offers green and shady plants such as palm trees and the like. This plant will also provide fresh air around the house.

Have a modern minimalist house of your dreams