What Industry Insiders Say About Underground Tank Installation

If you are considering an underground tank installation, you should know a few things. These types of tanks are considered cheaper to install, and they are less regulated. However, a new trend in tank installation may change all that. Read on for more information.

They are a Trend in the 1990s

In the 1990s, a new regulatory program from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) caused significant changes in the tank industry. Manufacturers were quick to release new enhancements to their UST systems. The EPA deadline was one of the most influential factors driving the growth of UST systems. While many small service station operators used this deadline as an excuse to close their doors, others embraced new designs and committed to underground storage for the long haul. Still, a growing number of tank owners were wary of the new designs and questioning the need for underground storage.

Concern about the Read More

Why People Love Metal Roofing

There are many reasons to use metal roofing for your roof. Some of these reasons include energy efficiency, durability, and long lifespan. While these qualities are important, they shouldn’t be the only reason you consider installing metal roofing for your home. There are other benefits to using this material, including its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

Long Lifespan

The NRCA’s “Metal Construction Manual” provides detailed information about factors contributing to a metal roof’s long life. These factors include the type of metal used, the installation process, and the smoothness of the surface. Metal roofing is a versatile choice for roofs and can be installed on new construction or existing roofs in bad condition. The benefits of metal roofing include long life and low maintenance.

While metal roofing has a long lifespan, nature can reduce its service life. For example, the UV radiation from the sun degrades the material over time. Read More

5 benefits of installing Louvered Roof Systems

As more people become aware of the importance of roofing systems, creative designers are coming up with new ideas to meet the needs of their clients. One such design is louvered roof systems. A louvered roof system is composed of horizontal slats or panels that can be adjusted up or down to allow airflow. That allows for ventilation without compromising privacy. It also provides light into the interior areas while maintaining protection from the external elements. A louvered roof can be made out of metal or wood, depending on preference. Installation requires different materials as well, but all types boast plenty of benefits over traditional roofs.

1) Louvers provide shade

By installing a simple shading system  below, you will save money by using natural solar insulation and prevent the walls from fading.

2) Reduces noise pollution

You can install most louvered roofs on top of a garage. That allows homeowners Read More