It’s a new year and some people might decide to give their home a new look. However, the stress of going to a store to buy hardware and bringing it home can be very discouraging.

If you check Collected.Reviews for online shops to buy home improvements products, you will find a lot of stores and you might be confused on which store to patronize.

Here are 5 stores you can buy DIY hardware for your home renovation.

1.At Home

At Home is an online store based in Texas controlling over 200 stores that sells and supplies home improvement products to over 40 states. If you visit the website, you will find a wide array of selections that you can choose from. At Home boasts of providing the best products for the best prices to their customers. You can get special discounts and the latest updates on products by signing up for At Home’s Insider Perks.

2.Big Lots

Big Lots is an online store known for selling a wide variety of products from furniture to the best of home decoration materials. The company has over a thousand and four hundred stores operating in 47 states across the country. Shopping on the site gives you access to the best prices which the store offers to its customers. You can also get free shipping for products that are above $59. Not only that, if you subscribe to the BIG Rewards program, you can get the very best coupons that will help you to save on orders and allow you to place more orders.

3.Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a store where you can secondhand home improvement products such as electrical appliances, toilet materials, furniture, kitchen equipment, and so on. The company has over 900 stores and because the store sells second hand materials, you cannot get the same material in all the stores. Products in each store will be determined on the materials that people in the stores’ environment no longer need or wish to sell. You can get very cheap deals from the store and your money will be used for the stores’ project of providing homes for the homeless.

4.Home Depot

When you see Home Depot, the thing that comes to your mind will be gardening and power tools, however, this is not all. Many are not aware of this but Home Depot also provides a wide range of home improvement supplies. You can get furniture, wall art, toilet supplies, rugs, etc. There are over 2,200 stores that are under the control of Home Depot and each store gives you very competitive prices for each product available.


Like Home Depot, when you hear H&M, what comes to your mind is not home improvement supplies but this online store is not only a retailer for pants and T-shirts. H&M has over 350 stores that sell home improvement products that are easy to assemble. You can find products for any part of your home, your toilet, rooms, sitting room, kitchen, store, and what have you. You also get to save more when you sign up for the company’s membership program.

You can get the best home improvement materials for your renovation delivered to your doorstep by ordering from any of these stores. The good thing is you do not need a professional to assemble the materials.