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In addition, Stewart “was hit with allegations of embezzlement by Allen’s brother-in-law, of pocketing choices from the revivals” within the wake of Allen’s death. Nonetheless, the activities of the Don Stewart Association had been moved to Phoenix, and the Bible faculty continued to operate in Miracle Valley until 1975. Stewart then leased the campus to the Hispanic Assemblies by a twenty-yr lease agreement for merely $1 per yr.

Before the earlier proprietor left the property, the entire north section of Sanctuary roof was eliminated. However, Stewart compelled the Assemblies of God to take care of a Bible college for a minimum of twenty years, or the property would revert to his ministry. In 1995, precisely twenty years later, the Assemblies of God closed Southern Arizona Bible College and put the campus up on the Home Improvement News market. After Allen’s dying, Stewart gained possession of Allen’s organization, including his Miracle Valley property, which he renamed the Don Stewart Evangelistic Association . Stewart “went from pounding tent stakes at Allen’s revivals to driving a truck to preaching”.

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The IRS says the association “has utterly mischaracterized” the courtroom’s opinion in that case and that it’s not barred from “challenging the affiliation’s entitlement to exemption or its status as a church. On December 20, 2011, the purchase of the property by the Langevin family was approved by the State of Arizona. The Langevins function a non-denominational ministry known as Miracle Valley Arizona Ministries. In 2014, one other group purchased the property with plans to re-establish a Bible college. Miracle Valley Bible College was purchased by Harter Ministries in August 1999, and the school continued under the administration of Melvin Harter. As the Miracle Valley Bible College and Seminary, the establishment taught students in classical Pentecostal theology. However, in January 2009 a Phoenix-based mortgage firm foreclosed on the property, which at present incorporates a number of dilapidated buildings.

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