Strip a Flat Felt Roof

types of roofing

Why do you have to use roofing sheets within the first place?

In addition, just like TPO roofing, PVC is a reflective white colour which is useful as it dramatically lowers the business’s power bills. For areas where sunlight is limited, think about polyester roof sheets, another light-weight roofing sheet that’s easy to work with at a cost similar to PVC, hight energy and excessive rigidity.

That mentioned, colors that are extremely reflective could also be required in some states to satisfy environmental codes. A local roofing contractor will know if this is applicable and may guide you in choosing a shingle colour. Shingle colours for weathered wood or log houses embrace brown, inexperienced, black, grey.

The professionals at Lyons Roofing have been installing and repairing low slope roofs for years and take the time to make sure a proper build that is correctly secured and waterproofed. Flat roofs also … Read More